The Legend of Drunken Master streaming Complet et illimité

GENRE Action - Comédie
Image The Legend of Drunken Master 1994

Returning home with his father after a shopping expedition, Wong Fei-Hong is unwittingly caught up in the battle between foreigners who wish to export ancient Chinese artifacts and loyalists who don't want the pieces to leave the country. Fei-Hong must fight against the foreigners using his Drunken Boxing style, and overcome his father's antagonism as well.

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96 m 1994 5826.004 vues

  • Image Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan
  • Image Anita Mui
    Anita Mui
  • Image Ti Lung
    Ti Lung
  • Image Lau Kar-leung
    Lau Kar-leung
  • Image Andy Lau
    Andy Lau
  • Image Felix Wong
    Felix Wong
  • Image Hoh Wing-Fong
    Hoh Wing-Fong
  • Image Ram Chiang
    Ram Chiang
  • Image Bill Tung
    Bill Tung
  • Image Ken Lo
    Ken Lo
  • Image Chin Ka-Lok
    Chin Ka-Lok
  • Image Ho-Sung Pak
    Ho-Sung Pak
  • Image Lau Siu-Ming
    Lau Siu-Ming
  • Image Suki Kwan
    Suki Kwan
  • Image Hon Yee-Sang
    Hon Yee-Sang
  • Image Mars