The Connection streaming Complet et illimité

GENRE Action - Crime - Thriller
Image The Connection 2014

Newly transferred to the bustling port city of Marseille to assist with a crackdown on organized crime, energetic young magistrate Pierre Michel is given a rapid-fire tutorial on the ins and outs of an out-of-control drug trade. Pierre's wildly ambitious mission is to take on the French Connection, a highly organized operation that controls the city's underground heroin economy and is overseen by the notorious —and reputedly untouchable— Gaetan Zampa. Fearless, determined and willing to go the distance, Pierre plunges into an underworld world of insane danger and ruthless criminals.

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135 m 2014 5811.67 vues

  • Image Jean Dujardin
    Jean Dujardin
  • Image Gilles Lellouche
    Gilles Lellouche
  • Image Céline Sallette
    Céline Sallette
  • Image Mélanie Doutey
    Mélanie Doutey
  • Image Benoît Magimel
    Benoît Magimel
  • Image Guillaume Gouix
    Guillaume Gouix
  • Image Bruno Todeschini
    Bruno Todeschini
  • Image Féodor Atkine
    Féodor Atkine
  • Image Moussa Maaskri
    Moussa Maaskri
  • Image Pierre Lopez
    Pierre Lopez
  • Image Eric Collado
    Eric Collado
  • Image Cyril Lecomte
    Cyril Lecomte
  • Image Jean-Pierre Sanchez
    Jean-Pierre Sanchez
  • Image Georges Neri
    Georges Neri
  • Image Martial Bezot
    Martial Bezot
  • Image Bernard Blancan
    Bernard Blancan