Marina streaming Complet et illimité

GENRE Comedy - Family - Music - Romance
Image Marina 1960

A German \"Schlager-Film\" (a musical comedy with popular songs) with Giorgia Moll in the title role.

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90 m 1960 581.4 vues

  • Image Giorgia Moll
    Giorgia Moll
  • Image Jan Wennick
    Jan Wennick
  • Image Bubi Scholz
    Bubi Scholz
  • Image Kjeld Wennick
    Kjeld Wennick
  • Image Renate Holm
    Renate Holm
  • Image Rudolf Platte
    Rudolf Platte
  • Image Trude Herr
    Trude Herr
  • Image Teddy Stauffer
    Teddy Stauffer
  • Image Silvio Francesco
    Silvio Francesco
  • Image Rex Gildo
    Rex Gildo
  • Image Rocco Granata
    Rocco Granata