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GENRE Western
Image Arizona Gang Busters 1940

Arizona Gang Busters is another pre-WWII saber-rattler that finds a band of renegade gunmen, under the pretense of developing an irrigation project for the reclamation of arid desert land, using airplanes and parachute jumpers to gather valuable military information for a European power.

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60 m 1940 580.624 vues

  • Image Tim McCoy
    Tim McCoy
  • Image Pauline Haddon
    Pauline Haddon
  • Image Lou Fulton
    Lou Fulton
  • Image Forrest Taylor
    Forrest Taylor
  • Image Julian Rivero
    Julian Rivero
  • Image Arno Frey
    Arno Frey
  • Image Paul Ellis
    Paul Ellis
  • Image Kenne Duncan
    Kenne Duncan
  • Image Jack Rutherford
    Jack Rutherford
  • Image Elizabeth LaMal
    Elizabeth LaMal
  • Image Otto Reichow
    Otto Reichow
  • Image Lita Cortez
    Lita Cortez