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Image The Breed 2001

Vampires have come out of the shadows and are living as normal citizens. Two policemen, one a vampire, are assigned to track down a serial killer who tears the throat of his victims and drains their blood.

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91 m 2001 585.346 vues

  • Image Adrian Paul
    Adrian Paul
  • Image Bokeem Woodbine
    Bokeem Woodbine
  • Image Bai Ling
    Bai Ling
  • Image Péter Halász
    Péter Halász
  • Image James Booth
    James Booth
  • Image Lo Ming
    Lo Ming
  • Image Paul Collins
    Paul Collins
  • Image Debbie Javor
    Debbie Javor
  • Image Reed Diamond
    Reed Diamond
  • Image John Durbin
    John Durbin
  • Image Zen Gesner
    Zen Gesner
  • Image István Göz
    István Göz
  • Image William Hootkins
    William Hootkins
  • Image Szonja Oroszlán
    Szonja Oroszlán