Black Mill streaming Complet et illimité

GENRE Adventure - Family
Image Black Mill 2020

Twelve-year-old Iwo lives in a small, post-communist town that is home to the old and destroyed Black Mill – once a place of work for many parents. Breaking the promise to not approach the old mill, the children accidentally unleash its evil powers. From that moment, nothing will ever be the same again as people and things start to disappear.

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97 m 2020 581.17 vues

  • Image Iwo Wicinski
    Iwo Wicinski
  • Image Pola Galica-Galoch
    Pola Galica-Galoch
  • Image Oliwia Ogorzelska
    Oliwia Ogorzelska
  • Image Borys Wicinski
    Borys Wicinski
  • Image Mateusz Winek
    Mateusz Winek
  • Image Magdalena Nieć
    Magdalena Nieć
  • Image Marcin Dorociński
    Marcin Dorociński
  • Image Michał Lupa
    Michał Lupa
  • Image Ireneusz Kozioł
    Ireneusz Kozioł
  • Image Grażyna Bułka
    Grażyna Bułka
  • Image Maria Ciunelis
    Maria Ciunelis
  • Image Magdalena Różańska
    Magdalena Różańska
  • Image Patrycja Durska
    Patrycja Durska
  • Image Jacek Joniec
    Jacek Joniec
  • Image Jagoda Pietruszkówna
    Jagoda Pietruszkówna
  • Image Katarzyna Galica
    Katarzyna Galica