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In post-apocalyptic Spain, Sebastián and Anna must hide their eyes from daylight to avoid the powerful entity that, when looked at with the naked eye, makes people kill themselves. When the pair joins a group of blindfolded strangers, they’re warned of an imminent threat that further jeopardizes their safety.

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  • Image Mario Casas
    Mario Casas
  • Image Alejandra Howard
    Alejandra Howard
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    Georgina Campbell
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    Naila Schuberth
  • Image Leonardo Sbaraglia
    Leonardo Sbaraglia
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    Diego Calva
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    Patrick Criado
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    Lola Dueñas
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    Gonzalo de Castro
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    Michelle Jenner
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    Celia Freijeiro
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    Milo Taboada
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    Manel Llunell